ГОСТ 8639-82

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately ГОСТ 8639-82.

 Profile pipe used in many industries.

The nature of the cross section are rectangular and square shaped tubes.

Profile steel pipe with a notched cross-section (square, rectangular) are used in the manufacture of steel structures, construction, engineering industry, furniture production, etc.

Square steel pipes according to GOST 8639-82 have advantages: low weight, high strength and resistance to bending. They are used everywhere in construction, furniture manufacture, engineering and many other fields. The assortment of products includes pipes of hot and cold deformation of seamless and electrically welded, with varying wall thickness and parameters section.

Complies with GOST 8639-82 (107 kb)

GOST 8639-82 reglamentary products steel square section, made by means of hot rolling, cold-drawn seamless and welded. All the pipes produced by welding are divided into dragged and navorochennye. Method of manufacturing products specified in advance.

The raw material for seamless square pipes are steel products of circular cross-section with wall thickness from 4 to 14 mm. When cold strain it turns out products of lower quality, but this method of production is less expensive and does not require a powerful costly and large equipment

IMPORTANT! When hot deformation seamless shaped tubes the metal structure does not change, which is important for the strength properties of the product. Therefore, such products are higher quality and used in areas where heavy loads are applied.
How to get the welded tubes steel square section

From a flat sheet metal ready strips, which are converted by bending into a circular pipe. Then seam welded, grinded. The billet is rolled on the rolls that gives the product a square shape. But for further use, this is not enough profile blank passes through the necessary procedure and hardening. It is important to remove excessive metal stress after being bent.

NOTE! The basic material for the manufacture of profile pipes of square section – non-alloy carbon steel according to the standards GOST 380, 1050, 9045. But there are products that are produced from stainless steel grades 09Г2, 09G2S, 10KHSND (according to GOST 19281), brands 10G2, 30KHGSA (GOST 4543).

Regulatory document defines the basic sizes of square tubes:

Products seamless cold-drawn is 17 sizes with sides from 10 to 120 mm. within this type it is possible to divide the products depending on the wall thickness (from 1 to 8 mm) for another 2-3 range.
Products seamless hot-deformed square is a niche dimension from 30 to 160 mm, which is almost the entire table of sizes of GOST. Wall thickness ranges from 4 to 14 mm.
Welded to the square tubes will depart 15 sizes, within which are variations of wall thickness from 1 mm to 5 mm. Side of the cross section varies from 10 to 100 mm.

The customer may submit a request for production of shaped tubes of various lengths. But guests also reglamentary this figure:

Random length:

seamless – 4...12.5 m;
cold deformation of seamless and welded – 1,5...9 m.


hot deformation seamless – 4...12.5 m;
cold-formed seamless – 4,5...11 m;
welded – 5...9 m

The main advantage of the square pipe is its ability to resist loads: static and bending. It is an indispensable material for the construction of frame structures, farms, greenhouses, warehouses, ramps, lifts, bridges, etc. Square profile articles are part of advertising structures, roof structures, and arched vaults.

Unlike round tubes, profile does not have the inertia of rolling, so successfully used in the roofing structure instead of girders. Their low weight ensures the reliability and durability of the structure, reducing the load on the walls, foundations and other elements.

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