TU 14-161-137-94

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately TU 14-161-137-94.

Drill pipes are used for lowering in the borehole and lift rock cutting tool, the transmission of rotation, creating axial load on the tool, a supply of washing fluid or compressed air to the working face.

Distinctive features

Drill pipes are joined together using a drill with a special lock thread. The ends of the tubes thicken to increase their strength, outer, inner or combination planting.

Drill pipe the Pipe Metallurgical Company are made by welding of the nipple and coupling of the tool joint to the planted ends of the body of the drill pipe. For each stage of production uses a special tracking system that ensures continuous compliance with quality and required characteristics of 100% drill pipe.

Drill pipes are protected from atmospheric corrosion with special preservative coating, including varnish.

The castle protected thread grease anti-corrosion grease and metal safety elements.

At the customer's request the drill pipe can be Packed in square packages with the use of lodgements of reinforced polyethylene-steel band.

The advantages of working with JSC "Uraltekhmarket"

  •  Of drill pipe - vast assortment

  •  quality and reliability, availability of certificates and licenses for products

  •  long-standing relationships with manufacturers

  •  the presence of branch offices and own warehouses

  •  friendly service and individual approach

  •  the possibility of online ordering catalog


JSC "URALTEKHMARKET" is a team of qualified professionals.
The main objective of which is acquisition of enterprises products.
We work with companies in all sectors hozyayst.
Take on the role of OMTS.
Specilities in a more focused segment, we guarantee the optimum solution of tasks of any complexity.
This approach allows to minimize the cost of materials and logistics.



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