TU 14-3-190-2004

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately TU 14-3-190-2004.

Boiler low pressure (CPV)
Boiler high pressure (KVD)

TU 14-3R-55-2001, TU 14-3-460-2003 and TU 14-3-190-2004, TU 14-3-190-82, TU 14-3-460-75.

Steel 10, 20, MF 20, 12kh1mf, 15h1m1f, 15h5m, 15h5

These specifications apply to steel seemless hot-, cold - and warm from steel grades 10, 20, 20-PV, used for boiler plants and pipelines with pressure steam and hot water 6,4 MPa (64 kgf/cm2) and temperature 400о S.

Meets TU 14-3-190-2004 (285 kb)

Pipes make:

forged and rolled billets in the GATS 3-009, OST 14-21, TU 14-1-1529, 14-1-1545 TU, TU 14-1-1787, 14-1-2228 TU, TU 14-1-2560, THE 14-1-5185;
of continuous cast billet production OJSC "Volzhsky pipe plant" on the other 14-1-4944, 14-1-4992 TU, TU 14-1-5319 and JSC "NTMK" on the other 14-1-5472;
of vacuum open-hearth ingot manufactured by JSC "Nizhnedneprovsky tube rolling plant", made in accordance with internal documentation, coordinated with GP "THREADS".

Pipes put on the outside diameter and wall thickness.

By agreement between the manufacturer and the customer supply pipe at the inner and outer diameter or inner diameter and wall thickness.

Hot tubes are made with a diameter of 20 – 426 mm with a thickness of tion of the wall of 2.5-18 mm assortment GOST 8732, and a diameter of 51 mm with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm, 2.6 mm, 2.8 mm.

Cold - and warm-deformed tubes made in the sizes in the assortment GOST 8734.

In coordination with the customer can be manufactured holodnokatny - fied pipe sizes in the assortment GOST 8732.

Delivery of pipes of intermediate size in the range GOST 8732, GOST 8734.

The curvature of the pipe at any section of 1 m length should not exceed 1.5 mm.

The length of the hot pipes should correspond to GOST 8732, cold - and warm – GOST 8734.

By agreement with the consumer it is possible to supply tubes of other lengths.

Ovality and raznoshennoy hot pipes should correspond to GOST 8732, cold and warm tubes – GOST 8734.

Pipes made from steel grades 10 and 20 with the chemical composition according to GOST 1050, of steel grade 20-ПВ – TU 14-1-5185.

Pipes shall be supplied in heat treated condition. Allowed the normalization of the hot-deformed pipes with rolling heating.

The advantages of working with JSC "Uraltekhmarket"

  •  Boiler pipes - vast assortment

  •  quality and reliability, availability of certificates and licenses for products

  •  long-standing relationships with manufacturers

  •  the presence of branch offices and own warehouses

  •  friendly service and individual approach

  •  the possibility of online ordering catalog


JSC "URALTEKHMARKET" is a team of qualified professionals.
The main objective of which is acquisition of enterprises products.
We work with companies in all sectors hozyayst.
Take on the role of OMTS.
Specilities in a more focused segment, we guarantee the optimum solution of tasks of any complexity.
This approach allows to minimize the cost of materials and logistics.



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