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Metal is a special product that it is processed in a rolling machine. Typically, such products are divided into two types – ferrous and nonferrous metal, which differ in composition (alloy).

Metal needs almost everywhere, but the largest share falls on the following areas:

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Manufacturing, industry
  3. Construction
  4. Roads and bridges
  5. Ventilation, gas supply, heating and water supply

The company "Uraltekhmarket" will help you large wholesale, small wholesale and retail supply metal of any kinds and types with delivery to any city. In order to buy our desired products, simply contact us or send a request and our managers will quickly process the request, calculate the cost and advise on all issues.

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Sizes of steel pipes are divided into three groups:

  • small-diameter pipes up to 114 mm;
  • pipe average diameter from 114 mm to 480 mm;
  • large diameter pipe from 480 mm to 2500 mm and above.

Steel pipes are in high demand among buyers.

Their advantages are high mechanical strength, providing safe movement high-pressure environments, ease of installation and tightness.
Steel pipe is easy to bend, it is convenient to weld and connect with the help of fittings.

Steel is a hard alloy of iron and carbon.

The effect of the carbon makes the iron alloys of particular strength, hardness and ductility.
These qualities make steel an indispensable material for the production of pipes.
Steel pipe has high mechanical and technical-economic characteristics

All steel pipe offered by the company "Uraltekhmarket",  meet the requirements of the Standards.

We supply steel pipe according to the method of production is divided into welded (welded tubes) and rolling (seamless pipes).
Seamless steel pipe can be hot-rolled and cold-drawn.

GOST 8734-75
GOST 19903-74
GOST 2591-2006
GOST 25577-83


JSC "URALTEKHMARKET" is a team of qualified professionals.
The main objective of which is acquisition of enterprises products.
We work with companies in all sectors hozyayst.
Take on the role of OMTS.
Specilities in a more focused segment, we guarantee the optimum solution of tasks of any complexity.
This approach allows to minimize the cost of materials and logistics.



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