GOCT 3262-75

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately GOCT 3262-75.

 "Welded pipe" is a product made of strips or sheet metal by molding and subsequent welding.

  Alloy additives in the steel, increase the strength characteristics of pipes.

Pipe water and gas supply tube

Water and gas pipes used in the construction of internal and external communications water pipelines.

The pipes indispensable component in modern water supply systems hot and cold water, heating buildings, and parts gas and water supply structures.

Pipes GOST 3262-75 are used as raw material blanks for the manufacture of taps, transitions, tees and small diameters.

Outer diameter: 17 – 114 mm.

DN: 10, 15, 20, 25, DN32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100 mm.

The wall thickness of the three types of performance, in mm:

light: 2 – 4

normal: 2,2 – 4,5

Pipe steel water-gas VGP

This group (pipe VGP ) are non-galvanized and galvanized welded steel pipe used for water and gas pipes, and heating system and structural details.

Water-gas supply pipe (pipe VGP ) is the pipe nominal size, ie the name indicates the diameter of the inner passage only conditionally.

According to GOST 3262-75, pipe VGP at the enterprises is made on the outer diameter, which is always the same. Thus, the external diameter of pipes DN15 corresponds to a 21,3 millimeters. The wall thickness of the pipes may be different. Water-gas supply pipes is known as the inch , each pipe corresponds to a VGP inch equivalent. For example, the AIV pipe 15 is a pipe (one half inch).

Are made of pipes of different diameter from 6 up to 150mm and are divided into light, ordinary and reinforced, depending on the thickness of the wall.

When determining the mass of non-galvanized pipes, the relative density of steel is equal to 7.85 g/cm

Galvanized pipes are heavier than ungalvanized 3%.

Pipe conventional manufacturing precision are used for water, gas and heating systems, everywhere in the housing. Pipe manufacturing high precision parts used for water and gas structures.

The length of the pipe manufactured from 4 to 12 m:

or a multiple dimensional measuring length with an allowance for each cut is 5 mm and the longitudinal deviation of the entire length plus 10 mm
of random length.

The theoretical weight of the VGP pipes(water and gas pipes) is calculated on the basis of their nominal sizes, and is a reference value

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