GOST 13663-86

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately GOST 13663-86.

 Profile pipe used in many industries.

The nature of the cross section are rectangular and square shaped tubes.

Profile steel pipe with a notched cross-section (square, rectangular) are used in the manufacture of steel structures, construction, engineering industry, furniture production, etc.

Profile pipe used in many industries. Very often the pipes are used in construction and decoration of the shopping malls and stores, and also at carrying out of repair work.
An important characteristics of the profile pipes is compliance with the standards of GOST.
Marked the pipe with indication of wall thickness and type of section.

Complies with GOST 13663-86 (93 kb)

This standard applies to profile hot, cold-formed, electric-welded cold-deformed pipes of General purpose made of carbon steel.

1. Pipe manufactured in accordance with the requirements of this standard for technological regulations approved in the prescribed manner.

2 pipe Sizes shall be as specified in GOST 8638, 8639 GOST, ГОСТ8642, GOST 8644 — GOST 8646. Tolerances for the dimensions shall be as specified in the GST 8639.

3 Tubes profile manufactures hot, cold, electric or electric-cold.

4 Pipes made of steel grades St2sp, St2ps, St2kp, St4sp, St4ps, St4kp by GOST 380; grades 10, 10ps, 20, 35, 45, 08KP, GOST 1050.

5 depending on the purpose of the relevant pipe shall be manufactured:
group a — with standard mechanical properties of steel grades according to GOST 380;
group — with standard mechanical properties and chemical composition of steel grades according to GOST 1050 and GOST 380.

In the legend of pipes index A or B is put in front of mark steel. 

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