GOST 25577-83

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately GOST 25577-83.

Profile pipe used in many industries.

The nature of the cross section are rectangular and square shaped tubes.

Profile steel pipe with a notched cross-section (square, rectangular) are used in the manufacture of steel structures, construction, engineering industry, furniture production, etc.

This standard applies to steel bent closed welded square and rectangular sections, intended for use in agricultural machinery, tractor and other sectors of the economy.

Complies with GOST 25577-83 (328 kb)

Maximum deviations in thickness of sections should correspond to the limit deviations on thickness workpiece width 1000 - 2000 mm normal accuracy of rolling B, is given in GOST 19903. Maximum deviations in thickness do not apply to places of bending.

By agreement with the consumer allowed the production of profiles from billets of high accuracy rolling A.

Limit deviations in height and width of the profile must not exceed:

if the height (width) of the profile up to 100 mm ±1,5 mm

if the height (width) of the profile more than 100 mm ±2 mm.

Limit deviations in height (width) of the profile with wall thickness 7 - 8 mm shall not exceed ±2 mm.

Profiles are produced with a length of 9 to 11.8 m:

the measured length;

of random length.

Note. Allowed by agreement between manufacturer and consumer in the production of profiles of random length with random lengths from 3 to 9 m.

Maximum deviations along the length of the profiles measured length, multiple lengths shall be not more than +60 mm.

Extreme deviation from the 90° angle must not exceed ± 1°30¢. Extreme deviation from the 90° angle for profiles with wall thickness 7 - 8 mm should be no more than ±2°.

Technical profile requirements - according to GOST 11474 with additions.

Is the curvature of the profiles in horizontal and vertical planes should not exceed 0.1 % of the measured length.

The twist of the profiles around the longitudinal axis should not exceed the 30¢ on the length of the profile in meters and should be no more than 5°.

The convexity and concavity of the walls of the profiles should not exceed 1 mm. profile size 160·120·3 mm convexity or concavity of a wall should not exceed 2 mm.

- Any crooked areas of the cutting plane to the longitudinal axis of the profile shall not exceed 1°30¢. Allowed fire trimming the ends of the individual profiles.

- The displacement of the welded edges relative to each other must not exceed:

0.5 mm thickness of profile walls up to 4 mm;

1 mm and the wall thickness of the profiles is more than 4 mm.

The height of residual burrs protruding above the surface profile should not exceed 1.0 mm. grat is removed from the outside.

Lack of fusion of the individual locations of the welded joint should not exceed 20 mm, the total length of incomplete fusion on 1 m of length in the thickness profile of 6 mm - 50 mm with thickness 7 - 8 mm - 70 mm.

- Weld strength should not be lower than the strength of the base metal.

Requirements are provided at a confidence level of 0.95.

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