GOST 8733-74

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately GOST 8733-74.

Cold drawn tubes are widely used in mechanical engineering.

Cold-rolled pipe .

Alloy additives in the steel, increase the strength characteristics of pipes.

This type of steel products include cold-rolled and cold-deformed pipes of General purpose carbon and alloy steel (10, 20, 35, 40, 09G2S, 40X, 30KHGSA etc.) made on the outside diameter, wall thickness and length.

The range corresponds to 8733-74 (440,56 kb) .


Depending on the relationship of the outer diameter (DN) wall thickness (s) the product is divided into:

welded austenitic Days/s over 40 and 20 mm in diameter and with a wall of 0.5 mm or less;

thin in DN/s from 12.5 to 40 and 20 mm in diameter and with a wall less than 1.5 mm;

thick in DN/s from 6 to 12.5;

isobutylene in DN/s less than 6.

Length produced:

random lengths from 1.5 to 11.5 m;

lengths from 4.5 to 9M, with limit deviations in length + 10mm;

the dimensional length of from 1.5 to 9M with an allowance for each cut at 5mm.


Depending on the quality indicators are divided into the following groups:


  • B - with standard chemical composition of steel grades according to GOST 1050, GOST 14959, GOST 4543, GOST 19281;
  • V - with standard mechanical properties that are controlled thermally treated samples and the chemical composition of steel grades according to GOST 1050, GOST 14959, GOST 4543, GOST 19281. Norms of mechanical properties shall conform to the requirements of the relevant standards for steel;
  • D - without standardization of mechanical properties and chemical composition, but with the standard hydraulic test pressure;
  • E - after special heat treatment. Steel grade, heat treatment regime and norms of mechanical properties are set by the documentation, duly approved.


The samples are thermally processed.
Without thermal treatment of produced pipe in which the ratio of outer diameter to wall thickness is 50 or more.

As these products work well on the bend, they are widely used for making furniture and lighting accessories.


Cold rolled pipes are widely used in construction, utilities and petrochemical industries. This product is able to withstand both very high and much lower atmospheric pressure. This allows to speak about their universality.



Seamless steel pipes cold GOST 8733-74
Steel grades 10, 20, 35, 45, 10G2, 09G2S,15X, 20X, 40X, 30KHGSA, 15KHM in accordance with GOST 1050-88, GOST 19281-89, GOST 4543-71.
Cold-rolled tubes of other steel grades are produced upon agreement
Dimensions and limit deviations according to GOST 8734-75.
Technical requirements for Cold drawn tubes according to GOST 8733-74
Seamless steel pipes cold GOST 8734-75 dlinoiu 1.5 to 11.5 m depending on diameter and wall thickness
Weight of seamless steel Pipes cold GOST 8734-75 is calculated through pipe calculator
Cold-deformed pipes GOST 8734-75 can be used in shipbuilding, according to the Certificate of recognition of the manufacturer of Russian Maritime register of shipping.

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JSC "URALTEKHMARKET" is a team of qualified professionals.
The main objective of which is acquisition of enterprises products.
We work with companies in all sectors hozyayst.
Take on the role of OMTS.
Specilities in a more focused segment, we guarantee the optimum solution of tasks of any complexity.
This approach allows to minimize the cost of materials and logistics.



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