TU 14-3-460-2003

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately TU 14-3-460-2003.

Boiler low pressure (CPV)
Boiler high pressure (KVD

TU 14-3R-55-2001, TU 14-3-460-2003 and TU 14-3-190-2004, TU 14-3-190-82, TU 14-3-460-75.

Steel 10, 20, MF 20, 12kh1mf, 15h1m1f, 15h5m, 15h5

These specifications apply to seamless tubes intended for steam boilers and pipelines, installations with high and sorceries Kimi steam parameters.

Corresponds to TU 14-3-460-2003 (1447 kb)

Pipes are made of rolled, forged, peeled (peeled), drilled or nasverleny procurement of carbon, alloy and high-alloy steels produced in the electric and open-hearth furnaces for iron direct reduction and also with the use of treatment of liquid synthetic slag in the ladle, supplied by 14-1-1529 TU, TU 14-1-2560, 14-1-5185 TU, TU 14-1-5271.

It permitted the use of steel grade 20, smelted in oxygen converters.

Pipe diameters from 219 mm to 377 mm tsentrobezhnolityh is allowed to be produced from billets supplied by TU G4-1U-1949.

Reduced hot-pressed and hot-pressed pipes of steel grade 20 and hot-pressed pipes of steel 12KH1MF is made from stripped (peeled) continuous cast billets supplied on TU 14-1-5319:

Hot-pressed pipe slab grade steel 12Х1MФ is made;

- - with a diameter of 76 mm with a wall thickness of 4,5; 5,0; 5,5; 6,0; 6,5; 7,0; 7,5; 8,0; 9,0; 10,0 mm;

with a diameter of 121 mm to 219 mm .inclusive (in the size range of table 1) with a wall thickness of 10,0; 11,0; 12,0; 13,0, 14,0; 15,0; 16,0; 17,0; 18,0; 19,0; 20,0 mm Dimensions pipes of high-alloy steels should be: hot-deformed is shown in table 5; cold - and warm - shown in table 6.

Pipe with diameter over 42 mm of steel grades 12Х11В2МФ and' 12Х18Н12Т made by agreement of the parties.

By agreement of the parties and coordination with the State tube Institute and JSC "NPO CKTI" it is possible to supply tubes of other sizes.

Theoretical mass of pipes from carbon and alloy steel grades are shown in tables 7 and 8, of high-alloy steel grades in tables 9 and 10.

Calculation of theoretical weight of the pipe given by mean values of diameter and wall thickness, taking into account the symmetry of the limit deviations.

The length of the supply pipe:

Random length:

- hot-wrought carbon and alloy' steels length from 4 m to 12 m;

- hot-formed from high alloy steel grades of length from 3 m to 9 m;

- cold - and teplosberezhenie from carbon and alloyed steel grades of length from 3 m to 12 m;

- cold and warm of high-alloy steel grades of length from 3 m to 9 m,


- hot carbon and alloy steels with wall thickness up to 13 mm - length up to 9 m, with a wall thickness of 13 mm or more, in accordance with the lengths specified in table 1;

- hot-formed from high-alloy steel grades in accordance with the lengths specified in table 5;

- cold - and replaceformat about bathrooms from steel grades 20 and 12Х18Н12Т length up to 12 m, and from other grades of steel up to a length of 7 m.

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