ТУ 14-3Р-1128-2007

JSC "Uraltekhmarket" offers Pipe rolling, appropriately ТУ 14-3Р-1128-2007.

В настоящее время нефтедобыча – это технологический комплекс, состоящий из компрессорной станции, газораспределителя и системы газлифтных труб.

Следовательно, газлифтные трубы выступают в качестве воздушного подъемника.

Газлифтная нефтедобыча существенно изменила технологию промысла.

Gas-lift pipes have found wide application in the modern oil industry. Gas-lift pipes are used in gas lift systems for oil production from deep layers of the earth.

Corresponds to TU 14-3P-1128-2007 (1074 kb)

It is believed that the gas lift is not the only method of extracting oil from the bowels of the earth. The most simple methods used in cases when the oil itself was left on the surface is collecting oil from water surface or the use of wells.
Since the 15th century, the known methods of processing oil-impregnated soil (Sandstone or limestone) – it is squeezed using a press. In the 19th century began the drilling of wells, from which extracted the gushing oil. But for lifting oil from deep layers of the earth requires special mechanisms.
The first methods of compressor oil by means of pumps was used in the late 19th century in Baku.
In 1914, M. M. Tikhvinsky has developed a gas-lift method of lifting oil by using energy of compressed gas. The system helps to manage the process of movement of fluid and gas in the field. With a deep-lying oil reservoirs the liquid is lifted by a compressed gas for gas-lift pipes.

Therefore, the gaslift tube act as an air lift. Gas-lift oil production has significantly changed the technology of the fishery.
Currently, oil production is a technological complex consisting of compressor stations, gas distributor and a gas-lift system of pipes. Depending on the schemes of work vary and top-pressure recovery compressor, continuous and intermittent gas lift. Gas-lift pipes can withstand high pressure and are resistant to hydrocarbons.

Outer diameter: 57 - 219 mm (57; 60; 60,3; 63,5; 68; 70; 73; 76; 82,5; 83; 89; 95; 102; 104; 108; 114; 121; 127; 133; 140; 146; 152; 159; 168; 178; 180; 194; 203; 219)

Wall thickness: 4 - 25 mm (4; 4,5; 5; 5,5; 6; 6,5; 7; 7,5; 8; 8,5; 9; 9,5; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 22; 24; 25)
Limit deviation:
diameter: ± 1%
on the wall: 12,5% - 15%.


1. Brand steel 20, 09G2S.
2. The metal of the finished pipe is tested for impact strength at low temperatures according to GOST 9454-78.
3. Pipe diameter 60,3; 178 mm (all sides)
and with a diameter of 63.5 - 76 and the walls 4; 4.5 mm are made by agreement.
4. Manufacturer of chamfering is made on tubes with wall thickness 5 - 12 mm
5. It is possible to manufacture tubes according to TU 14-3-1128-2000 from steel grades 10, 20, 09G2S, 10G2A.

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